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MRSA-I Initiative - General Faculty Q&A
What are the key challenges in the management and treatment of MRSA?

Is mass screening for MRSA appropriate?

Is the line between community-acquired and hospital-acquired MRSA becoming blurred?

MRSA Initiative Roundtable Consensus Conference: Faculty Presentation-Specific Questions & Answers

Brad Spellberg , MD

Question: What is the role of surveillance in the management of MRSA?

Question: Do you consider that MSSA is also a hospital-associated infection?

Henry F. “Chip” Chambers, MD
Question: Are genetic differences observed in community versus hospital strains of MRSA or among communities?

Question: Are there any specific factors which account for the emergence of MRSA 300 as an endemic strain?

George Sakoulas, MD
Question: How should physicians manage patients who are infected with MRSA strains that have Vancomycin MIC’s of 2 µg/mL or greater?

Question: Is susceptibility always an indicator of clinical success?

Helen W. Boucher, MD

Question: How should physicians incorporate principles of antibiotic stewardship in the treatment of MRSA infections?

Question: Are data available to definitively indicate whether abscesses can be treated without antibiotics, and, if so, which types of abscesses are candidates for withholding antibiotics?